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an Internet Stalker The man in the photo could easily be a twisted 42-year old predator posing as the "really kewl" young hunk trading messages with your child in an Internet chat room.

If you don't find out in time that a cyber predator is invading your home, you might lose a loved one. 

Like all criminal predators, cyberstalkers are evil, shrewd manipulators. They fool employers, churches, their own families, as well as school children, college students, and adults with equal ease.

Protect your younger children by restricting their access to websites that don't put them at risk, such as those we list in Kids' Korner.

Learn more about how to make your family and your community safer by following the related links on our Crime Prevention Tips page.

Don't forget that your best crime prevention partners are your local police department and sheriff's office. Their professional training and daily experiences include hands-on familiarity with all kinds of crime and the methods and habits of the criminals. Keep their phone numbers where you can find them quickly.

Most importantly, the best deterrent to most criminal activities is the presence of a law officer; you know what's "normal" in your neighborhood, and whenever you see something or someone that seems out of place or otherwise suspicious, call for one!

Reminder: Call 911 when there is an emergency, 

  • lives are in danger, and immediate action is required, such as
    • a burning building or vehicle, 
    • a serious injury or medical condition (i.e.; a heart attack), 
    • an in-progress crime situation such as a shooting, stabbing, armed robbery, etc. 
  • or there is a good chance of arresting a crime suspect, or of preventing the development of a serious crime situation by reporting suspicious persons, vehicles or circumstances, threats of violence or injury, disturbances or actions which, if not controlled quickly, could lead to an emergency.

In non-emergency situations, call listed law enforcement phone numbers.

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In our lifetimes, there will always be evil and crime.

The law enforcement community is trained to discourage and interrupt crime, and bring criminals to justice, and they do it well.

As citizens, though, we all are the front line of crime prevention and can do a lot to discourage criminals from choosing us and our charges as targets.

What we do to protect our families, our businesses, etc., is an individual and subjective decision, based on our sur­roundings, our circumstances and capabilities.

The ICPA has collected a lot of infor­mation and links to many Crime Prevention Tips that will help you formulate a plan best suited for your own circumstances, some of which you may not have considered before.

By reducing the opportunity for crime and the fear of crime where you live, you not only make your family safer, you set up an environment which helps to ruin the opportunity factor for criminals to operate in the rest of your community.

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Membership in the Iowa Crime Prevention Association is open to Iowa law enforcement agencies and company crime prevention specialists.

Available to ICPA members:
  • Crime Prevention Workshops 
  • ICPA Online Forum 
  • Equipment Lending Library:
    • McGruff Costume
    • Vince & Larry Costumes
    • Bucklebear Costume
    • Fatal Vision® Goggles
    • Robot HarVee
    • SIDNE® with trailer
    • Crime Prevention & Safety Videos
  • Downloadable Crime Prevention PowerPoints
  • Literature and Templates

If you would like to be an ICPA member or sponsor, or contribute in some capacity to the Iowa Crime Prevention Association's mission to reduce the threat of crime in Iowa, we'd like to hear from you.

If you would like to donate money to the Iowa Crime Prevention Association, 100% of what you send goes for purchases of more resources for our members to use in the fight against crime. Any amount is appreciated.

Please send your check or money order to:

Iowa Crime Prevention Association
PO Box 100
Waukee, Iowa 50263

THANK YOU for your continued support of the ICPA!

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